I’m on Redbubble! | Illustrator, Artist and Designer

As a designer and illustrator I am always looking for ways to share my passion for art with the world and others who enjoy the same things as I do! Besides Etsy, I have now joined Redbubble.com, which is a company allowing artists to simply upload their work (easily!) and fulfill products that people purchase. While my little shop is looking kind of low on designs right now, I have plans to upload much of my art and illustration to the site! Custom orders and commissions will still have to be placed through me by emailing aliciaanndesign@gmail.com, or on Etsy.

Here it is!


I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy making it!

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 6.40.20 PM

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 9.18.45 PM

Summer Fruit | Rhode Island Illustrator and Designer

It’s no doubt at all that Summer and Fall are my favorite seasons! I love to get outside, go to the beach, attend farmers markets, and am inspired by the activities of the season. Theres nothing better than snacking on a ripe watermelon, or cracking open a coconut or pineapple. The latest series of illustrations and hand lettering combines the best of all of these into adorable art pieces ripe for hanging. They will be available soon in my Etsy shop!

Pineapple Watercolor Hand Lettering Art

Watermellon Watercolor with Hand Lettering Art Print

Digital Watercolor Painting | Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

It’s no secret that I am that person that’s completely obsessed with all things Harry Potter! Countless Hedwig’s, wands, Gryffindor blankets, and POP figures flock my house and when I send something by mail I always refer to it as sending an owl (some people get it, some people look at me like I have 4 heads)!

So of course when diving into watercolor on my iPad, my first full painting had to be Wizarding World inspired! I believe in constant learning in art, design and life in general. This summer I want to strengthen my illustration techniques, and I couldn’t think of a better way than being able to paint on the go on my iPad in watercolor. After a few Skillshare classes, I took one of the works I created in class a few steps farther and Potter-ized it, and now we have “The Car? How’d it go?”

Harry Potter Fan Art Weasly Car

You Can’t be Both |Rhode Island Graphic Designer and Photographer

I’ll never forget the laughter and look of shock and horror that my design professor gave me as she said these words to me:

“Oh honey, you can’t be both! You need to choose!”

This was during my senior thesis critique, which encompasses design and photography on the topic of “Typography and Circus Posters”.

I started photography before I went to finish my degree in graphic design. I didn’t actually fall in love with it until my senior year of college while working with clients and comparing artistic shoots. I also worked as a second shooter for my friend who did weddings, dreaming of being a lead some day.

I also love art and design, from drawing and painting, to digital art and lettering and traditional design work. Not all aspects of being a designer in the corporate world are glamorous, a lot of it is editing other people’s files, copy and pasting, using templates, using stock illustration and photography instead of making your own, and just a touch of being able to put your own spin on things. It’s wonderful to be able to work with a team of like-minded and career driven people though, something I have yet to find in a company job. As a freelance designer I have found joy in my job, collaboration, and thriving off of our team. I do honestly love my career path when I get to work creatively and utilize my illustration and design skills! When I work on an illustration project, it’s like time flies. I’m consumed in ideas, creativity, and my passion drives me to work harder!

Then there’s my growing wedding photography and calligraphy business: I photograph weddings, engagements, dancers (did I mention I do that too!?) and artistic portraits. I also address envelopes, design invitations and write out wedding signage, escort cards, place cards, etc. as a hand lettering designer and calligrapher, and I’m growing and becoming more successful for every year that goes by!

I think having multiple talents that harmoniously work together is a great thing! It gives plenty of options and offerings to clients and employers alike. Bringing someone down by mocking their dreams and ambitions is not a healthy way to educate. I always tell people they can be anything they want, it’s never too late and no dream is too big!

This comes from the designer/ illustrator/ artists / dancer/ photographer/ calligrapher herself!

Cheers to creating!

And keep dreaming BIG!


The Wise Owl | Wildlife Illustration

The wisdom of the owl is a legend dating back to the Greco-Roman era and the reference seems to be made in popular culture quite often. Not only are these beautiful creatures known to be wise, but are often misunderstood as well, because they are nocturnal and live in the dark, they have been associated with witchcraft and black magic. I mean who has ever watched a movie and someone is lost in the ominous woods with the tell tale owl hooting and the character is either afraid or foreshadowing shows something bad about to happen. Owls have also been associated with bad luck and bad omens. I don’t believe any of the bad things said about owls because I enjoy photographing, drawing and watching them! The association reminds us that sometimes things are not what they seem and if you are kind to the owl she will share her wisdom and beauty with you as everyone thrives together.

To err is human, but to find a solution is wise like the owl.



Handmade for the Holidays

For anyone (like all of us starving artists here!) who don’t have a ton of cash to spend this season, and spend a lot of time stressing over what to get your family and friends for the holidays….don’t!

Crafty-ness to the rescue! There are a TON of great things you can make for your loved ones that will be meaningful, come from the heart and won’t break the bank.

Here’s how:

  1. Think of who you are gifting. What do they love? What are their hobbies and passions? My mom and her boyfriend are ballroom dancers, they love to travel, and my mom loves lighthouses and sailboats, so a few years ago I made them this painting of them ballroom dancing by the sea!

2. It’s all about family! This is the season where you will see family and friends, eat lot of food, drink lots of wine, and be merry, not worry about your budget and if they will be disappointed if you don’t buy a gift. You can create perfect gifts for family, ABOUT family. Last year I made mini albums for my step-mom, Mémère, and sister of all of my nephews birthday photos for a whopping total of $18. Three people covered for $18! Win!

3. What would they enjoy? Maybe they aren’t enjoyers of any particular hobby or have any crazy passions (as a dancer, I get little ballerinas all the time, I’m easy to buy for!) but what would they enjoy? I did little mini paintings for my mom and sister last year of owls. Are they obsessed with owls like me? Nope, but they loved them anyway.

4. What are YOU good at? This is the perfect time to put your crafty skills to work, and if you don’t have one the perfect time to learn! Maybe you’ve always wanted to take up knitting, painting, calligraphy or floral decoration. Learn something new, and apply it to gifts that will be treasured because they were made with care and not bought. My Aunt even makes me amazing hand kit scarves, mittens and leg warmers every year!

And finally, remember no matter what, your family and friends will still love you if you don’t come down the chimney with a sack full of gifts. Use this time to expand your horizons, learn something new, and see their faces light up when you give them something handmade.

This years gift to my barista friend!

A custom painting for my airplane loving nephew

Happy crafting!



Fruit for Thought 

Today I revisited a technique I haven’t seen since my early days of college, crosshatching and pointillism. Drawing for after dot or line after line, carefully and methodically isn’t exactly what I would call fun (I was told that “patience” is the key…..okay, right) but I have been revisiting techniques that I’m not so fond of to strengthen my art (and my hand, because I’ve been getting some cramps worse than typing this blog on my phone)! Okay so here we go what do I draw? What’s laying around? I have a lense cap, probably not a good subject. I have my dog, well she’s cute but I’m NOT drawing all that hair! Ok let’s be a typical artsey subject, fruit. Typical, but effective! I have a pear, an apple and a lemon, sounds like a good start! Let’s start with the outline and basic blocking in of tones with pencil of the pear, not so hard. I get my inker now (Micron 1) and start making lines, but should I contour them to the shape or just do straight lines? Well I decided to make these long lines that followed the shape and it was a hot mess. Next. Shorter lines all over the pear shape came next and this seemed to look better. I looked up cross hatching technique on Google (really what did we do without Google!?) and saw that this was probably a better approach. Excellent, let’s start crossing! Well there’s definitely something both maddening and meditative about doing this, first you overthink everything (is this line too big? Is this line too close? If I mess up it’s all over and you can’t go back)! Yet at the same time line after line and watching the tone and shape of the form break free is calming, once you stop panicking and overthinking everything. It’s kind of like yoga for your hand, it’s tough, you get cramps, but if you can see beyond that and just let the lines flow, you start to see it more clearly. I think I might be a little addicted to this, so it should be interesting to see where it goes!

Happy Drawing!


Conceptual Beauty

This is the image that sparked this blog:


For more of my fine art photo work check out http://www.aliciaannphoto.com/fine-art-photo/

Thanks for reading!


“The Unemployable Graduate” | An Article That Hits Home

This blog isn’t the norm that I will post. It isn’t about the creative side of art, but the frustrating side that leads to talented people giving up and being forced into manual labor jobs because no one will give them a chance.

The article:


I came across this article at the perfect time and it certainly hit home. As someone who has been highly affected and put into debt by this problem, it makes me wonder how we can fix it and create jobs for all of the talented and employable people that now are working minimum wage jobs while having a skill set that goes far above and beyond. I can only account for my experience trying to become employed in the design field, but still firmly believe that talented and able people should be given a chance to shine and succeed. Here are some of my thoughts:

Graphic Design is not my first career. Before I discovered that I could make a living in the artistic industry (or thought), I had a successful career as a Diamontologist, yup, a diamond expert! I worked in the jewelry industry for about 6 years after high school while attending community college to further educate myself. On top of that, I took my life experience from my hobby as a dancer and recreational gymnast as a child to instruct aerial acrobatics and dance for both adults and children for the past 5 years. I have not only life experience and problem solving abilities, but as I attended my BA program as an older adult (I was 27 entering college) I also had a different level of responsibility, dedication, priorities and skills of the average 18-22 year old college student. I was not out partying all weekend, I was studying and further learning online with tutorials and extra lessons to absorb as much as I could and be successful in the industry.

First, it seems nothing but what is on a paper resume is considered in the job market. Looking at my resume, I look like I may be about 23, when in reality I am 30 and not looking for a start up job. Many 21 year olds will be fine starting off in the work industry with lower paying jobs to work their way up in the market, because that’s what I did at that age. At my age, I feel like it’s almost unacceptable to be working for minimum wage as a salary because it is backtracking far beyond what I made before college. Not to say that one shouldn’t have to pay their dues upon entering a new career field, I did that as well, even at my age. I worked for my first two years in design for free or for very little pay. My second internship was a 2.5-3 hour commute BOTH WAYS (!!) in order to gain experience to further my career.

Second, graduates (of ANY age) are the most creative people in the industry. Some of the most talented people I know are those that are fresh out of school and excited about life, the future and their bright prospects of careers. When I was in college, working on exciting projects, I thought that was what I was going to be doing in my career. I couldn’t wait! Well, I was sadly mistaken that while I was being encouraged to create my own artwork and photography for my projects, in the real world there is far less creativity as a designer. While yes, it is different in every company (I hope to find a company that allows more art and creativity rather that strict guidelines and lack of projects to do) for the most part as a corporate designer you are skillfully arranging other peoples artwork in documents as opposed to creating it yourself. Stock photography is purchased for projects as opposed to the designer taking his/her own photos, which can be understandable since locations and photos of people can not be readily accessed conveniently. Recent graduates are full of fresh and creative ideas. They are problem solvers, team workers, and hard working. They are up to date on the latest trends in the industry, latest software, and practices.

Finally, I believe that every talented and educated individual deserves a chance. If I had a dollar for every time a job I applied for told me “Your work is amazing! You’re so creative and excellent at what you do! You’re so talented! …….But we’re looking for someone with more experience. Sorry.” In one case, I was unable to even have my work looked at by a prestigious employer because they wanted 15 years of experience for entry level pay! I find it unacceptable that people have gone to college, been crushed with debt, and then have to work for FIFTEEN years in order to make a livable wage. A friend of mine said “It seems that the only people who have enough experience are the ones ready to retire! It’s not a valid demand on the part of employers. To get that much experience you’d have to hire much older staff, except they are saying they are looking for young fresh employees. The two don’t mix. It’s like saying you want to sit on a star but keep your feet on the ground. It can’t be done!” While this is not the case for everyone, this is what it feels like to be a recent grad that no one will give a chance. So let’s stop replacing entry level jobs with unpaid internships, and give talented people a chance to prove they can succeed in the job market and make sustainable livings. The price of living is going up, and it is unacceptable to expect people to be able to survive on minimum wage. My first 3 jobs out of college I could not support myself on the pay. With student debt hanging over my head, I made enough to pay my bills, save a small amount, and pay for every day expenses such as food, car, and necessities. If I had to pay for rent as well I would be homeless!

Do you remember the one person who gave you a chance to achieve your dreams? That’s all a recent grad needs. A chance to shine and find our place in the world without being taken advantage of and being dulled down.

Thoughts on how to end the struggle?