Winter Wonderland Lunch Branding

The winter lunch event, themed and titled “Winter Wonderland” was a project that I headed up and designed from start to finish at Amica Mutual Insurance. There are several lunch events through the year, all of which have seperate themes and are handled by one or two designers. I hand lettered the calligraphy titles, and illustrated all of the graphic elements throughout all of the printed materials. I also worked with copywriters and an in house client to bring the vision to life.

Winter Wonderland Logo-02

Winter Wonderland Logo

2015 2017 Holiday Buffet Ingredient Cards-01

Winter Wonderland Menu Sample

2015 2017 Holiday Buffet-Poster- Downstairs Seating V2-01

Seating Poster

2015 2017 Holiday Buffet- Winter Wonderland-Photo with Santa Design V3

Photobooth Frame

2015 2017 Holiday Buffet- Centerpiece Cards 2-01

Centerpiece Cards

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